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Christ Church is located on old Highway 21 (the main street of town) in Dresden, a community of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The history of Christ Church, Dresden, is really the story of one man's work, for if the Reverend Thomas Hughes had not felt called to be a missionary to the escaped slaves, there would have been no Anglican church in Dresden until a good many years later. The Rev'd Mr. Hughes had read Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe and felt he must do something for these despairing people. He started his ministry in Dresden on June 9th, 1859. In 1867 the cornerstone was laid by Hughes’ youngest son, a boy of seven years.


    Mailing Address
    Christ Church
    350 St. George Street
    PO Box 573
    Dresden, ON
    N0P 1M0

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    The church was finished in October 1868 at a cost of $2,043.16. This included stoves, church furniture, pulpit, etc. Our antique cupboard contains a picture of the church at the time it was built, as well as the original communion chalice, alms box and collection plates. A picture of the Rev’d Thomas Hughes, his bible and original prayer books are also included, as well as his diary. The church today has a small number of parishioners, but that was not always the case. A homecoming service to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the church saw 141 people in attendance. For the evening service 118 formed the congregation.

    The current parishioners have been good stewards of the physical property with a church hall and Sunday School facility built in 1960. The ACW is still an active group (see above) as is our church choir. All parishioners are invited to participate in the services as readers.



    Linda DeBurger (Warden)
    Gay Hooper (Warden)
    Pat Highgate (Treasurer)
    Joan Martin (Parish Officer)
    Janice Unsworth (Parish Officer)
    Kathy Brown (Parish Officer)
    Nancy Hughson (Parish Officer)
    Tom DeBurger (Parish Officer)
    Pat Misselbrook (Parish Officer)
    Lilian Misselbrook (Parish Officer)
    Pat Highgate (Parish Officer)


    Nancy Hughson (Organist)


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