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Trinity Church, Blenheim, is celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2008. The congregation was formed in 1858 with a small, wood-frame church built. In 1882, the current, stone building in Blenheim's downtown replaced that structure. A reformed, independent church is still using the original building. Trinity's Sesquicentennial banquet was on May 17th and Bishop Bruce Howe led a worship service the following day.


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    Trinity Church
    59 Ellen St.
    Blenheim, ON
    N0P 1A0

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    Settlement of the area increased after the War of 1812. Blenheim was established roughly between 1825-1850. Blenheim initially sat amidst 10 miles (16 km) of dense forest. At some point, land near Blenheim was purchased by Albert Robertson. Later, Harvey Halstead, Thomas Lynch, and George Hughson were recorded as the first three lot-tenants who built homes in Blenheim. The area where Blenheim was established was a dense Carolinian forest with wild elk, bear, wolves, and eagles. However, the region became a "patchwork quilt of farms" when the forests were cut down. Historically, the area was used to grow sugar beets, tomatoes, tobacco, and corn.

    By 1874, Blenheim was home to dentists and carpenters. A town hall was built in 1866. Blenheim became an official town in 1885. Blenheim paved its first street in 1920. Blenheim became a part of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent during the 1998 amalgamation of Kent County and its municipalities. With a population of 4,487 residents, Blenheim offers the advantages of small town living with amenities for daily needs conveniently located. During the summer and fall, fresh fruit and vegetables are available at farmers markets and roadside stands. In July, residents celebrate Blenheim's agricultural heritage with Cherry Fest.

    Agriculture plays an important role in Blenheim's culture and economy. Large agricultural processing companies like Platinum Produce and The Andersons provide employment for many. Blenheim is also home to several manufacturing plants which produce plastics, steel, and automotive parts.



    Sherri Burke (Warden)
    Ann Russchen (Deputy Warden)
    Deb Doubt (Warden)
    Lyn DeLong (Clerk)
    Brian McCracken (Treasurer)
    Ron McCracken (Parish Officer)
    Brian McCracken (Parish Officer)
    Lorraine Clark (Parish Officer)
    Pam Lanz-O'Brien (Parish Officer)
    Elaine Spooner (Parish Officer)
    Steven Shaw (Parish Officer)
    Jeff Falkiner (Partnership Rep.)


    Ron McCracken (Organist)


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